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Séiarto is a multi-visual store focused on campaigning for labour rights within the informal sector. 50% of our profits are going to Fife Women's Aid to support their efforts in helping domestic abuse victims during COVID-19.

What is the informal sector?

Informal workers are those who lack formal contracts, do not have social protection because their employers do not pay social contributions, and they do not pay work-related taxes (though they may pay other types of tax). 

Why is the informal sector important?

More than 61 per cent of the world’s employed population are making their living in the informal economy (ILO). Although the informal economy is associated with low productivity and low-income countries, it does contribute to the growth and is becoming more significant in high-income countries. 

What are we fighting for?  


Séiarto is advocating for improved labour rights and social protection of informal workers globally. Recent evidence shows that about 55% of the world’s population are not covered by social protection, and the coverage of informal workers is particularly inadequate (ILO, 2017). Contributory social security schemes usually benefit women in the informal economy less, as these schemes are linked to formal employment. As women tend to be over-represented in self-employment and toil as contributing family workers, they are less likely to contribute to social insurance schemes  (Tessier et al., 2013). We aim to create awareness through art and fundraise for charities doing significant work in the space of social protection.

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